Saturday 29 December 2007

Gadds' faithful Dogbolter Porter

Back in 1979 David Bruce brewed this lovely dark ale for his 'Bruce's Brewery' and Firkin pubs, the company I did my brewing pupilage with. The story goes thus:

David and a relative from the Theakston family were toying with a new recipe for Old Peculier and time had come to taste the new brew. Such was its morishness that they both drank too much (allegedly) and stumbled over a stile on the way back to the family manse, letting slip the accompanying dogs, one of whom failed to return until morning. Hence the name 'dogbolter'.

In 1994 it became the first beer from a micro-brewery to win a medal in the prestigious International Brewing Industry Awards and it's been following me around ever since. I finally officially adopted it in 2002 and so the dog's home is now in Ramsgate, by the sea (oh, well Boredstares if you insist.

Roast barley and chocolate and crystal malts combine to give the ale a deep deep ruby colour and sweet mocca and toast flavour. A little oats in the mash help to provide a smoothness and late Fuggles hops create a resinous balance. It ferments out fairly dry and the end result is a sturdy, powerful and smooth ale not to be rushed at. Crisp, cold November Saturday lunchtime is my favourite Dog moment but I'll make a bee line for it when ever it's available.


The Beeralist said...

I used to drink Dogbolter whenever I could in the London Firkin pubs - it was superb. The last pint I had was at the Flyman & Firkin in Shaftesbury Avenue just before the Firkin beers disappeared for good.

I would dearly love to try it again now that Gadds brew it - have you got any information about where it's available in the London area? I also get over to Kent now and again so information in that area too would be good. Cheers.

Eddie said...

Beeralist - the dog doesn't travel these days, well, not beyond East Kent. At this time of year 'Chambers' in Folkestone is your best bet for draught. Bottled Dog can be found at a number of off-licences in this area or the fantastic 'MacNades' food shop near Faversham.

Kirses said...

Funnily enough I met up with an old friend last weekend and he was reminiscing about Dogbolter, have just sent him a link to this blog entry.


p.s - hi to you Lois and family.

Eddie said...

Hi Kirsten, you pop up every now and then don't ya? How about coming down to the seaside to clear your lungs out? We've got two littl'uns now - Summer is 10 soon and stan (bart) is 5. Lois is fine.

C'mon, come down for fish and chips.

Kirses said...

I'll see if I can get mate down inthe summer for some Dogbolter (you met him once many years ago - he's an ex of mine Kelvin)


Eddie said...

Erm yeh, Isle of White. And ground nutmeg. We were young.

E-mail me.

Unknown said...

well mr Gadd it is a long time since I saw you last. I hadn't released that you had died and gone to heaven! Do people know that you single handedly saved the UK from being invaded by the French? Well I do, it's me Richard from M18 , M49 do you remember that far back?

Anonymous said...

Morty! 'king hell, bloody good to hear from you. I very nearly did die (but it wouldn't be heaven this godless soul goes to) a couple of years after I last saw you. Then a good woman saved me and here I am. Where are you? Let's get together soonest mate and have a laugh.

I did really stop that invasion then? Crikey, with all the, er, mind delibating stuff I did then, and since, I'd begun to think I'd made it up. email me eddiegadd at gmail dot com.

Lucky Eddie said...

My last pint of 'official' Dogbolter was in 1999, just before the Firkin pubs were bought out. I brewed plenty of batches myself afterwards from the kits which David Bruce sponsored (was it EDME who produced them?), but of course they have gone by the way now.

So I look forward to having one at the CanalHouse festival tomorrow (Feb 11, 2011). I won't be able to sleep tonight.