Thursday, 10 January 2008

Gadds' faithful Dogbolter Porter

Brewed in a similar manner to the bottled Number 3 by 'dry hopping' and lagering before reseeding, priming and bottling. The dry hopping maturation phase adds a resinous hoppiness to the mouthfeel and produces a more intense flavour. Go here for the Dogbolter story and here to learn more about bottle conditioning.

It's surprisingly good with curry and really hits the spot at the end of a hard days night.

5.6% ABV
500 ml


Anonymous said...

That sounds quit nice - what pubs carry your ales?

Eddie said...

Well Matt, briefly:

The Montefiore Arms
Rose of England
Foy Boat Hotel
Artillery Arms
Jacks Bar (nee Jackson's Wharf)

in Ramsgate and

The White Swan in Reading Street.

They're our Thanet customers. I do mean to get around to do a proper post on this so thanks for the prompt.


PS There's a free bottle to everyone who asks for Gadds' in the Sovereign and The Mechanical Elephant. Two bottles if you walk out in disgust after getting a negative reply.