Thursday, 17 January 2008

Oatmeal Heaven

Yup, today was Oatmeal Stout Day!

I've never brewed one before and couldn't wait to get stuck in. Essentially, the history of OMS is to do with wholesome foods after the war and brewers were keen to get anything into their beer that allowed them to claim a health benefit for their product (is that too cynical?). They'd never get away with it today.

But crushed, malted oats (much like porridge oats) have a delicious, homely aroma and velvet smooth texture so I mashed 8 kilos in with 12 of roasted barley (black, burnt, coffee - think sooty chimneys) and 150 of pale ale malt and away we went.

Pity you can't taste or smell them - they're lovely. In fact, come round and get a handful!

I'll say no more for now but that all went well and I can almost taste the finished brew in my head. It'll be on special for February so I'll tell you more nearer the time........

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Anonymous said...

Stop. You are making me thirsty already.