Sunday, 30 December 2007

Regulars - Gadds' Number 7 Pale Bitter Ale

First brewed in 2002, Number 7 is the baby of the family, though to call it 'cooking bitter' would be to understate it's delicious and delicate hoppy flavour and refreshing bitterness.

I used to like saying "a man (ok, person) only needs two beers: one he can drink all night and one he can't". This is the former, though obviously I don't advocate you have any more than the government thinks you should.

And really, it's no baby. That would suggest it's a young and fresh style, gurgling and bubbling with youth. No, it really is an old man of an ale, zimmer frame and all. But I like it - I'm comforted by it's old fashionedness and understated Kent hoppiness and gentle malt character.


KK said...

Nice new Blog mate, Will pop in and grab a gallon or two in the morning. Keith

murray roberts said...

I've just enjoyed two excelent pints of Gadds No 7 at the Feathers in Pocklington, Yorkshire. So it's getting around a bit!

Murray Roberts

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it Murray and good to hear it travelled well.