Saturday, 5 April 2008

Outside Chance

I got a free four hour consultation from a highly qualified and experienced food scientist the other day focusing mainly on traceability, record keeping and arse covering. They're all related of course, and documentation is a solid wall of defence. 'Some of our customers see it as a challenge to find something wrong' she explained (she works for a large company that sells groceries).

So I've added a little tick box to my brew sheet to indicate to the judge that yes, I'm not a complete moron and I did sterilise the fermenter before filling it. In the unlikely event that for the first time in over 5000 years experience a human pathogen successfully survives in beer, I'll be covered because I can show I ticked a box.

One more tiny moment, for one more tiny human is lost forever completing one more tiny but utterly pointless task. God strewth, we'll never get to Nirvana this way.

Actually it was quite an inspiring visit and I'm strangely enthused to create the most perfect record keeping system in the business.

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