Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Year in Beer 08 - May

Oh lucky us, it's May soon and the month is designated 'Make mine a Mild in May' by those be-sandaled folk from St Albans. Quite why we listen to them I've no idea, but we do. Habit I suppose.

Wiki can bring you up to speed with what 'mild' is as a beer style and I see no point in repetition, suffice to say it's Mrs Gaddsbeershop favourite kind of beer. It can be light, dark, strong or weak but is generally lightly hopped.

Gadds' Dark Mild has won a few fans over the years, being adjudged the best in the South East by SIBA, (the small brewers society), back in 2005 and the following year making the finals of the Champion Winter Beer of Britain, a competition run by those wise and trendy young folks from, er, St Albans.

Basically, it's dark and it's 4%. It's also fairly rich and full bodied with a little sweetness. And, horror of horrors, there is a light hoppiness back there behind the malt. As you both know, I find temptation too much and often fiddle with my annuals and this one is no different: I couldn't help but fling some brown malt into the mix this year to create a little more interest amongst all those roasty choccy mocca flavours. It lends a certain smoky grainy aspect and I rather approve.

I was a bit late with it and it won't be ready for the monthly unveiling at the Monty until next friday, sorry about that. But do get yerself down there and neck a responsible amount on the 9th.

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