Friday, 26 September 2008

Bored? Need something to do this weekend?

Well here's a couple of ideas:

The 3rd annual Bramling Beer Festival will be held at the Haywain, in Bramling, on the Wingham Road near Canterbury, Friday through Sunday. Landlord Kevin is offering good food, live music and a sound range of ale and cider. This is a popular do and you'll find it very relaxing.

ever seen a nicer looking pub?

And it's Canterbury Eurofair weekend in Dane John Gardens, again running Friday through Sunday. Foodies (don't you hate that term? like, er, yes, I like food - er, don't you? - who doesn't?) are well catered for with a range of blah blah blah (friday afternoon - forgive me).

So get off your proverbial and get some produce down you. Now!

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