Sunday, 5 October 2008

Outside influence

November's special is going to be an american style winter warmer named 'Fall Over' (geddit?) and, never having brewed this kind of beer before, I drafted in help in the form of P & S, a couple of well traveled brewers/geeks/writers. The three of us convened in the brewery for a rare Saturday brew yesterday armed with bags of Willamette hops from Oregon (yes, the USA) and a couple of sacks of coloured malt new to me, 'aromatic' and 'melanoidin', German & Belgian respectively.

The brew went well and for a dyed in the wool brewing loner such as I am, I thoroughly enjoyed not only the company but the influence these two chums brought to my tuns. 'Fall Over' is in the can, fermenting away, and smelling gorgeous. It's a real departure from my normal style and I sincerely hope you're going to approve. If you pop in in the next couple of days I may even let you have a sniff.....

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fingers crossed!