Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Under your nose.

Kent's county 'producer group' is 'Produced in Kent' - they spend their time promoting local foodstuffs and organising food and drink fairs. What they do is culturally and economically very important: locally crafted food & drink is good not just because it supports local business, who in turn support local economies, and not just because it can be of superb quality, and not even just because a strong local identity is important. What they do is important for all these reasons and more. Diversity works. Try your food & drink from all over the world but don't ignore the quality under your nose.

For the last couple of years these people have been running the 'Taste of Kent Awards' to recognise and promote the very best to be had in the county. Once you've read all about these awards you may care to participate. If, for instance, you feel that Gadds' Number 3 Pale Ale is a glorious beer that fully reflects the true taste of East Kent through the exclusive use of locally grown, and legendary, East Kent Golding hops (grown by Humphrey Hulme at Brooke Farm) you'll perhaps want to vote for it as the best beer in the county. In which case you'd find this page and click on the various bits and tick the various bobs and hey presto, you've made a difference.

We love these awards and we want to support them fully. We want lots of people to participate and we want them to be elevated to a great and high level so they may promote the very best of local produce to everyone. Really, to promote local produce to everyone. Help us, now. Please.

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