Monday, 19 January 2009


for voting for Gadds' Number 3 as the Best Kentish Beer at the (highly prestigious) TOKAs - we were informed this morning that we're in the final. This means:

1. You all bothered to follow the links and clicked for Gadds'. Thanks, again.
2. We send a case of beer to Produced in Kent with supporting printed matter - a tasting panel will compare our beer with a beer made in Sussex (yaboohiss - surely we can beat this, since ours is actually made in Kent) and SN's national favourite, Spitfire. Ratebeer give us the edge by a small but significant margin, however, I personally rate Spitfire having been up against it once before in a competition: way back in 1994 at the International Brewing Industry Awards it took gold to Dogbolter's bronze but I wasn't disappointed; I got to take all my mates to a flash awards dinner paid for by the company we worked for. We were the youngest, scruffiest bunch of brewers the Industry had ever had to dinner and, as I remember, we were tremendously popular for all that. It was riotous fun.
3. Me & Mrs Gaddsbeershop get to go to a flash dinner in Leeds Castle all paid for by someone else. Fab. I'll be smarter and better behaved than I was 15 years ago, I think.

The awards are at the end of February - in the meantime Mrs Gaddsbeershop will be practicing her Kate Winslet, just in case.

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Anonymous said...

If your nom be blog is Gadds Beers Hop that would make Mrs Gaddsbeershop Mrs GBH. I'm sure she could deliver a better acceptance speech than the gushy Ms Winslet.