Monday, 11 May 2009

Psst....pass it on.

There is an old drinking adage that runs along the lines of 'drink whatever the Landlord drinks'; the suggestion is that if the gaffer don't sup the ale it won't be much good and whilst there are many admirable exceptions there remains a good deal of truth to the rule. Certainly, if the gaffer does drink the ale you can be 99% sure it'll be good.

By extension, is it too much to ask the government to source its food & drink from its own dominion?

Without getting horribly jingoistic I would like to see pride in our own produce displayed at both civic and national level: it is just and right so to do.

Frazer Thompson at English Wines thinks so too and has begun a petition.

Whilst I rather hope he's pushing at a door that will swing open the more support the better. Please, do sign up.

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