Monday, 3 August 2009

Fresh stock

The Mighty M arrived yesterday on his way to the GBBF and along with some casks of his ale he brought with him a few cases of the good stuff. We're now handsomely stocked not only with his own fair genius but also that of Mikkeler and the Jolly Pumpkin.

Where brewers meet it is rare indeed not to find beer, being consumed, and in quantity. The two of us threw the recommended daily intake in the bin and had a fine old time. This morning we brewed up a new wheat beer, the one I've been promising you for ages. It ought to be ready in a couple of weeks so watch this space.

If you're in London this week go along to the GBBF and stare in wonder at the Mighty M's oak barrels. Then try the Tsarina Esra that has been residing therein for the last 6 months. Then go and lie down for a while and count yourself very lucky indeed. I robbed a glass off him on Sunday and it is sublime, truely sublime.

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