Monday, 14 September 2009

Rye PA

Ok, ok so I've been absent. Or infrequent. Delinquent perhaps. It's been busy, alright?

September, as you've guessed from the previous post, is a glorious affair here in the garden of England and as such I've created a suitably autumnal ale, one that contains a bit of sunshine and an touch of harvest: Rye PA.

Canterbury grown Bramling Cross hops provide a fresh green character, some blackberry notes and a spicy tingling bitterness on the side of the tongue; pale malted rye comes to the party with a spicy dryness and is accompanied by a subtle, smooth, palate-filling honey character (care of caragold malt). All in all a lovely fresh, brisk pale ale begging to be drunk in quenching quantity after a day in fields.

Perfect accompaniment: ploughman's lunch, what else?

Next episode: oatmeal stout.


Barry M said...

Nice. I made a pale rye ale last February with 20% malted rye, and a good dash of CaraCrystal and Challenger hops. That dry spiciness you describe was right there, and it went down a treat with the Germans!

Eddie said...

Sounds very similar Barry. Rye's a great cereal to use and fairly unusual (erm, I know there *are* some rye ales out there, I just don't come across them).

Have you used crystal rye? Beautiful colour and juicy, red fruit flavours even at low addition rates.

Brock said...

Rye PA sounds like something I need. Am I likely to find it at the food fair thingy in Broadstairs tomorrow?