Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Best of Kent

It's that time of year again: summers over, the cricket has finished and the only bright light on the horizon is the Taste of Kent Awards.

You'll remember of course that Gadds' Number 3 Kent Pale Ale, brewed right here, is the reigning Champion of the 'Best Kentish Beer' category. Well, this year the organisers have defined this classification of Kent loveliness as:

"Beer made from hops predominantly grown in Kent at a brewery based in Kent".

Gadds' Number 3 Kent Pale Ale is brewed with hops grown not only 'predominantly' in Kent but exclusively in East Kent, which I believe will leave it with a rather unfair advantage. We'll see: the competition is fierce, my oponents skilled in the ways of the tuns and as keen as never before to topple the top. Bring it on.

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