Monday, 9 November 2009

Tea with the Competition.

James Sandy, proprietor of the new Wantsum Brewery, dropped in to say hello today. It didn't take us long to agree on the basics:

Yeh, I know the GADDS' apostrophy is in the wrong place: the mug is a 'second', one of only a few dozen and hopefully a collector's item now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eddie,

That apostrophe is in the correct place on your 'second' mug if you are the only Gadd in the business.
Putting 's means the product is of Gadd. Placing the apostrophe after the s - as in Gadds' - infers the possessive of more than one Gadd. If your wife or children run the business with you, then you are in the clear. If you are a one man band, you'd better keep the seconds and chuck the rest of those mugs!
With put an apostrophe Gadds is merely the plural of Gadd - as in the Gadds make lovely beer!
Hope this helps.

Eddie said...

Anon - many thanks for the grammatical good advice. We're all grateful.

Captain Dog said...

E, is there room in Thanet for two breweries?

Eddie said...

CD - The vast, overwhelming majority of beer drunk in Thanet has been 'imported' from England. So yeh, there's room alright.