Thursday, 31 December 2009

Don't look back

A monumental year at GADDS' Ramsgate Brewery draws to a close but reflection is a luxury only the secure can enjoy. Besides, the horizon is a thoughtful place to gaze at. And on it I see:

  • in the very near distance a shed load of sleepless nights (they've already begun), long hours (starting Monday) and choice language as the big Project kicks in. It *should* be over by April, in time for Fools Day. Ha.
  • a new web-site and redesigned labels. All nearly done. I must tell you about it soon.
  • a re-organised shop in the middle distance - Hang 'Em, the visiting pro(con)fessor from Michigan, to take over. He does things his way, it ought to be fun.
  • a new blog from me - 'Confessions of a small brewer'. Well, I never write about the bloody shop anymore anyway. Instead I'll carry on in the same vein adding more about local pubs, brewing and the industry in general (and there's a lot to add about that I can tell you). And you'll enjoy following the progress of a small brewer trying to build a bigger brewery armed with little more than deluded optimism, rusty engineering and a few small beads to trade.
In the meantime though, have a very good New Year. The future is ours.

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