Thursday, 28 January 2010

Brewathon, 7, 8 & 9 of 11

'You're not my Mum, I don't want you' said Stan, 4, as I get home a little earlier than of late. We haven't played football in the kitchen, made paper aeroplanes, watched X-Men or wasted any Runners for at least 4 days so he's forgotten I'm his Dad. To be fair, he hasn't actually seen me since Sunday but still, I thought we'd spawned something with a longer memory than a goldfish.

But only two days of brewmania left: we finish off some Common Conspiracy (tell you later) tomorrow morning and then a triple brew of Überhop Traditional Lagerale, a special brew for my be-sandled friends to be showcased at the East Kent Beer Lovers Highlight of the Year Weekender.

I enjoy the work, but I do miss football with the lad.

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Anonymous said...

just had 3 pints of number 8 in the 8 bells (wetherspoons)in dover. well good thanks