Sunday, 3 January 2010

The cost of bull

The Observer this morning is reporting on alcohol, and not in a positive way. The House of Commons Health Select Committee is publishing a major report on alcohol on Friday and NHS Confederation has just published a briefing entitled "Too much of the hard stuff: what alcohol costs the NHS".

Major claims such as 'consumption of alcohol in the UK has increased by 19 per cent over the
last three decades and is now higher than in any other European country' in this latter document lack references to substatiate the claim: track to the section entitled 'references' and it says 'For all references in this Briefing, please see the appendices:' where there aren't any.

We're never going to get anywhere sensible in the debate on alcohol if both sides continue to use spin and bullshit to back up their claims.

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Don Wood said...

Its not the fault of the beer its the people who drink it and in the case in point here is the people who write this crap. Litter louts are the same as larger louts and no one teaches either of them to be responsible for their own actions.