Monday, 1 February 2010

2010 Year in Beer - East Kent IPA

A quick look at our Year in Beer calendar (pdf) tells me it's time to wheel out the IPA I brewed a few weeks ago. Much has been written about this historic, pale, hoppy beer style in the past few years and it would be futile to attempt to bring any new understanding to the forum. Therefore, for those with the time, I'll direct you to my friends at Meantime, who have had the time to compend a web page on the subject. I commend the entire cannon to anyone interested in the modern history of the Western world.

Enough! Right, our IPA is a pale beer stuffed to bursting with subtle, classy East Kent Goldings hops grown right here in, er, East Kent. They display gentle citrus notes, with lemon dominating, and a little exotic fruit. Curry was invented to go with this beer, really it was.

The subtlety of the beer is mirrored by the down-played design and muted colour of the pump clip.

Availability is limited but you'll find it on Friday night at the excellent Festival of Winter Ales in Dover. I'll be the one in the corner eating curry.

Alright, not the bestest post ever but it's Monday morning and 8 degrees Celsius in the office, thanks to me making popping noises with the wiring yesterday. No idea how Shackleton et al managed to keep decent diaries.


Anonymous said...

I think that badge would look lovely on a fluourescent green tee-shirt.

Anonymous said...

What's with the sudden anonymity O? I know it's you, you're my only reader.

Anonymous said...

No he's not

By the way, well done on a mammoth brewing effort

O said...

Good Sir Ed,
Just reading about the Brewathon has left me limp and exhausted - unable to find the words to express my admiration for your dedication, application and inspiration. If I purchased a suitable quantity of the fruits of your labours would consider helping me consume it whilst watching England beat Wales next Saturday?

Eddie said...

Unlikely O, Dover Winter Beer Fest Friday night and it's back to the grindstone first thing Saturday. Once she's finished with me I'm going to work.

Eddie said...

And humble thanks for the congrats on the brewathon. That, however, was last week's job and since it is my occupation it was a walk in the park compared to the current phase of re-building the brewhouse.

Anyone know how a 15hp Fulton steam boiler works?

Me niether.