Thursday, 11 March 2010

Finishing touches

My mate Fat Andy: (Trumpet & Ale)* gave me a couple of flash Bose sound monitors about 12 years ago. I promised I'd find somewhere to use them, and now I have.

It looks like it's balancing on those (very hot) pipes, but it isn't.

'Bout time you visited mate (I'll protect you from the kids).

*I'm not calling him rude names, this is the way he's identified on the album cover of Live at the Hive.


Melissa Cole said...

Mr Gadd, I would love to come down and harass you at some point to see the brewery and natter about what you're up to if you're amenable? drop me an email on melissa(at) if that's cool with you.

Peter Brissenden said...

They look pretty trick! We just have an old set of pc speakers and subwoofer linked up to a wireless streamer.

Make sure you play the beer some good tunes!

Anonymous said...

Beware you bloggers, displaying your sounds, else the PRS will be after you!!!

You have been warned - they sting me for thousands every year

Don Wood said...

only play your own tunes that way you get to pay yourself the royalties

Eddie said...

Melissa, we haven't started welcoming visitors yet: it's a bit hectic, a bit disorganised and well, we're just enjoying it all to ourselves. Bit like having a new baby in the house.

Pete: well that's far better than the last time I saw your set-up - there was an old tape recorder with a large funnel attached to it, playing some godawful noise from 'Collapsed Lung' or somesuch.

Don & anon, don't worry chaps, we're well PRSed up.

Br0ck said...

Oh man.. I love Collapsed Lung!

So tell us, what tunes do you play to a batch of No.3 as it starts its life?

I reckon a tun of DoGbOlTeR would probably benefit from a good portion of 'Call of Ktulu' by Metallica, yet I reckon the Common Conspiracy that's enlivening my life at the moment could probably be happily conceived to a good portion of hmmm Prince?

Eddie said...

Jeez Brock, I didn't expect anyone to have actually *heard* of CL let alone *like* them.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Their seminal wheeze rock album 'Dark Sighed of the Moon' is required listening for any true breathy metal fan.

Brock said...

I admit it, I hadn't heard of them, I was just trying to look hip.
I have heard of Cattle Decapitation though, they're splendid.