Monday, 31 May 2010

Early summer ales

Crack some coriander seeds and they release a pungent, spicy aroma with surprising citrus notes of orange, lemon and lime. Add some dried orange peel (careful now, the pith is bitter) and chuck the lot in the copper just as you're finishing the boil on a pale wort (a wort containing 30% malted wheat and hopped to a low bitterness level). Throw armfuls of soft, fruity Perle hops in afterwards (perhaps some Saaz hops too), cool and ferment warm with an ale yeast.

Cask condition the beer and enjoy it, served cool, on warm, sultry afternoons when you should be at work. Watch the world go by. Relax.

Feel better?


SHESELLS SEASHELLS, with its pale straw colour and clean (Northern Brewer) bitterness, starts as if it might be a lager style beer. But then the zesty, juicy Cascade hops kick in and you know you've got a thirst quenching summer ale in your hand. And a straightforward, easy drinking one at that.

Obviously local weather conditions ensure these beers are suitable most of the year and we only stick to form for the sake of our poor customers who live inland, where it's cold and raining for much of the year.


Captain Dog said...

Grrrrrr. Let me at the little blighter!!

Gadds Beers Hop said...

Hey Dog, it was 2005. Can't seem to comment on your blog anymore, what's up?