Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Operation Green Hop 2010, part IV - brewing.

GHA has completed primary fermentation on time and the cooling has been engaged, reducing the temperature from 22°C to 2°C by Friday (we don't often go this cold, 7°C is more normal but we're bottling some of this, which makes a difference that I haven't time to explain).

Alongside the pungent, almost dry hop nose sits a distinct chardonnay character at the moment - quite particular it is. Of course, that may not survive through to the glass and there's no point in speculating (like I am) as only time will tell.

We're casking 2000 litres on Friday and transferring the remaining 400 to cellar tank for the weekend, where it will rest before bottling on Monday. The casks will be ready for delivery on Wednesday the 15th, and for serving on Friday the 17th. The bottles, however, will take an extra week to condition but if all goes according to plan they'll be ready for drinking at the Broadstairs Food Festival's Gala Dinner on the 28th.

We're hoping to arrange some kind of ceremonial tapping and drinking of the first cask - be ready.

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Anonymous said...

We are ready Eddie.