Friday 22 October 2010


Our new glycol chiller just arrived, several weeks early.

When we installed the new (old) brewery in February I didn't have the budget to upgrade the cooling required for the fermentations, relying instead on pub lager coolers sitting in a wooden shed. It worked though and, surprisingly, we sailed through the summer without a hitch.

Now we've got some smart cellar tanks ready to install and I want the holding temperature down to -1° C for the bottled beer: cold storage (or lagering) improves flavour and flavour stability; the colder the quicker. So it's the right time to invest in cooling.

When I get back off a week's holiday Gray will have installed most of the new pipework and we'll be ready to shut the shed down, ship it out and install the new.

This kind of thing makes me very happy - everyone feels like this about cooling, don't they?

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Mark said...

I dream of cooling! My flat won't take another fridge, so I have to try and keep fermenting beer at a stable temp using ice and a water bath. Not easy, and damn upsetting when all your hard work is undone by a girlfriend turning the heating up! :P