Thursday, 14 October 2010

Oatmeal Stout

Dark beer alert.

Roasted barley lends a near pitch black quality along with notes of coffee and chocolate; brown malt brings a slight grainy texture and an earthy character; mellow, silky smoothness is found with the addition of generous amounts of wholesome malted oats while Kent grown Fuggles hops impart a deep, satisfying bitterness.

Serving suggestion: oysters, chocolate ice cream (with rosemary) or all alone.


Captain Dog said...

EG, can you courier a tub to the Costas please?! Hope the family are well.

Mark said...

What's a "Kent Stout"? :P

Chocolate Ice Cream with Rosemary? That's a new one on me, interesting.


Brock said...

Who's the chap in the topper?

Eddie said...

Hey Herr Hond, have you moved to Spain?

Mark - stout brewed in Kent, with kent hops. ;P

The boss makes a gorgeous chocolate mousse with rosemary.

Brock - that's my Dad so no piss take, alright?

Brock said...

Oh I see... What a fantastically handsome fellow with a very proper topper. After rather too much cider festing on Saturday I was delighted to find some of your oatmeal stout at the bar upstairs. Silky relief.