Monday, 20 June 2011

Festiv'Ale season

The sun's out, the temperature is on the increase and the Summer Solstice is imminent - time then for a decent, tasty thirst quencher. Festiv'Ale ticks all the right boxes: a pale, light malty body hides below a hop blanket of blackcurrant, mint, grapefruit and passion fruit. A sharp, crisp aftertaste finishes things off nicely.

Available throughout the summer, in every decent pub and at every decent festival in East Kent.

First up is the Hop Farm, followed quickly by Lounge on the Farm.


Brandon Forbes said...

good to see the craft beer scene growing everyday cheers to your success of you and craft beer in general

Mark said...

Did you see Morrissey at the Hop Farm Festival? Saw him at Glasto and the only thing that could've made it even better is Kentish Ale. ;)