Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wading in to great keg debate

Roger doesn't like them, nor does Peter but Mark does and so does Stefano. So what is it about 'keg' that so sharply divides some of the greatest players in the craft beer revolution?

I don't know, I won't get involved (lord knows I've wound some of them up enough in the past). But I have been carrying out some experiments for my Dutch mates Bert & Menno who, respectively, invent and sell Keykegs®. As a result I can tell you now that there is a time and a place for keg, in fact, there is a time when keg is better.

Crikey, I think I just joined in. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a euro. Let's make some keg beer!


Anonymous said...

I know of a krausened, un-filtered and non-pasteurised IPA that is better than any other I have tried. Only my opinion. Micros might be put off producing keg ale, possibly as less free houses can readily serve it compared to cask but it will integrity and true flavour for longer.

Owen said...

A lot of the hostility/confusion surrounding KeyKeg would never have arisen if they'd chosen a name that didn't have "keg" in it.

Brock said...

Oh my.. Next you'll be claiming there's a place for bicycles with gears.

Eddie said...

Anon - good point.
Owen - I didn't know there was hostility or confusion towards Keykegs, however, when used for refermentation and handpump service, via a special connection, they're called KeyCask.
Brock - don't be stupid man, never!