Friday, 23 December 2011

Essence of Stout

On sale from next week & perfect for the impending cold spell.

A stout is brewed with plenty of coloured malt to lend a pitch black colour, a full body and a roasty, toasty, chocolate mocca flavour. Oats give it a real smooth texture and this year I'm adding a teeny, tiny bit of vanilla pod, for roundness.

Hops would spoil all this, so we only use them for bittering. If we did use them for flavour it would become an oatmeal porter which is entirely different but worth trying.


david said...

Lovely balance of flavors oatmeal stout is the best stout I have had for years.

Tatton Brewery said...

Interested in background to defintion of porter as stout with hop aroma - any references on this?

Eddie said...

Tatton - only best part of 20 years brewing & drinking the stuff. I kept quiet about this little theory of mine for a long time but mentioned it to a fellow brewer one night, after a few bottles of his excellent stout (Dorothy Goodbody). He was in complete agreement, and I've found others since, mostly old school, I'll admit, but I am a bit old school myself.

sap implementation methodology said...

Love the idea of this Eddie. It may be a mission to set up but I'm sure if you can get it working it will save on running costs.