Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Kent Green Hop Beer update

Jon has been out to Humphrey's place to check on the hops and he's getting quite excited, as you can see. Our target brew days are now only 4 weeks away. Lots of warm dry and sunny weather between now and then ought to give us the quality crop we're really hoping for though, to be fair, last year's rather poor looking specimens did brew a vintage Green Hop Ale.

Launch day of GADDS' Green Hop Ale 2012 is Thursday 27th of September at two Ramsgate pubs, one on the (fancy) West Cliff and the other, our local, on the East Side. There will be a live video link-up.

The launch of the Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight, including the other Kent brewers, will be on Friday 28th September at Canterbury Food & Drink Fare.

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