Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Little Cracker, Big Cracker

This year, as well as Little Cracker, we brewed its bigger brother, Big Cracker. More of the same basically; crystal rye & pale rye in abundance, with a bigger hop bill to suit, commanded by Kentish Bramling Cross for spiciness. It's a lovely big ruby ale, full of fruit, berries and spice with a touch of warming alcohol.

We casked some of it for sale in selected East Kent ale houses whilst rest went into Kentish Pinot Noir barrels for a little crafty oak aging. Vanilla, the tiniest touch of oak and more spice is evident in this, the bottled version, and a more perfect beer to go with your Yule dinner I can't think of.

Get in our shop, and some other notable East Kent retailers.


Mark said...

They from Chapel Down? I really want to try the Chapel Down Pinot Noir, but I've never seen it to buy.

manzoor said...

I like it.

Unknown said...

Some great progress!
How is it looking today?