Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Green Hop Ale Launch 2014

So the Head Brewer (me) now has a pub and the world seems to be just that little bit righter: Head Brewers ought to live in pubs. It's been the 'Best Pub in the World' for the last 12 years running and is set to eclipse that by getting the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' in my own, personal, Pub of the Year competition. It's a community based pub and it gets through plenty of local ale.

Anyway, it's Green Hop! And Gadds' Green Hop Ale gets an exclusive launch in the Monte next Wednesday evening. I'll be pulling the first pint at 7pm, for me. The second will go to some local pillar of the community or other (ideas on a postcard please) and the rest is for you lot. It will run out before 9pm, at which point we'll draw the raffle. The raffle prize is the first case of Green Hop off the bottling line (even before mine).

See you then, then.


Anonymous said...

I think a discrete Gadds' sign would do quite nicely over a door.

Gadds Beers Hop said...