Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Taste of Kent Awards 2015

Awards get the competitive juices flowing and spur us on to greater achievements in pursuit of them, and that leads to a better pint down the pub, so I'm all for them personally.

Should you feel similarly inclined please vote in the Taste of Kent Awards. I'd direct you to the Best Kentish Beer award and suggest Gadds' Number 3 could be a contender, but that would be rather full of self interest, so I won't.

Seriously though, get on there and vote. Vote for your favourite butcher, your favourite restaurant and your favourite pub. Vote in every catagory, and vote well - it's fun, it helps create a quality-driven competitiveness and you'll get even better beer and food in the future because of it.

And do it now, because the deadline is in 2 days time!

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