Friday 9 April 2021

News of the Brews


That's right, we need you. For the past 20 years we've brewed beer for pubs, and they've sold it to you. These last 380 days or so we've brewed it for you, and delivered it directly to you. And whilst the 'eve of pub reopening is upon us, we're in no doubt that the new tomorrow very much involves us continuing to brew for, and deliver to, you. Help us in our mission by recruiting new GADDS' customers - send your family, friends and neighbours this new customer promotion code (NEWTOGADDS) - they'll get a sweet 10% discount on their first order and, if they put your name and email address in the customer comments box at checkout, we'll send you a code too. So go on, call your Mum/daughter/sister/brother/neighbour and get them on the case. Code is for first time customers only, and expires in a week. Shop here.

Lager school

I have to tell you about this book - A Brief History of Lager, by Mark Dredge. It's a truly fascinating story full of incredible brewing feats and social history, told in a witty, insightful and engaging manner by one of the UK's best food and drink
writers. I'm half way through it and can't put it down. Lager is way, way more interesting than I ever knew, and a lot funnier too. From caves in the Bavarian countryside with beer gardens on top of them, to Prince's palaces and beer halls the size of football pitches, this story is about life itself. I give it a solid 5 stars, highly recommended.

Beer updates

The Grand Reopening of Pubs Beer (indoors) has yet to brewed or named, despite a bag full of ingenious and witty suggestions put forward by you lot. I have settled on a style though - an English Pale Ale. That might sound dull but it won't be - it'll be exquisitely balanced with a delicate, lemony undertone of EKGs, refreshing, pleasing and reassuring. I better make my mind up about the name.

GADDS' Number 7 Pale Bitter Ale (The Brewery Workhorse) is back on the schedule and will be conditioned and ready to serve by mid-May. It's been too long since I've had a pint (or 7) of this.

East Kent Pilsner has finished its primary fermentation and is looking promising. A four week 'lagering' phase begins today as we drop the temperature from 10 oC to zero over the next 5 days, and hold it there. We call this 'tank time' - it's an inexplicable quality experienced brewers can taste, can agree upon, but can't put their finger on.

I Still Dream of Apricots is ready to taste (and launch) next Saturday (April 17th) at 2pm here, outside in the Brewery Garden. Apricots appear in our dreams as a symbol of the future, and, despite the travails and the profound sadness we're all experiencing at the moment, this optimism keeps us all going. The beer is wild fermented with a mixture of yeasts captured in Brabant and in Humphrey's apricot orchards in Hoaden. It's refreshingly tart, fruity and wild. All welcome.

Delivery request

For Thursday and Friday polypin deliveries please get your orders in by 4pm Wednesday, if at all possible. It isn't a deadline, we'll always do everything we 
can to deliver last minute Charlies, but it would help the crew. Thanks.

Dates for your Diary

Friday April 16th – the Ravensgate-by-the-Sea reopens for the summer!

Saturday April 17th at 2pm – a mini-launch and tasting of this year’s wild fermented Apricot Beer, at the Brewery Tap. More details on this project to follow. 

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