Tuesday, 22 January 2008

"Gude Ale Keeps the Heart Aboon!"

(Still no idea what that means)

Officially, Burns' Supper can be held on any day of the year, and quite right too. Veggie haggis, 'neeps & 'tatties, unlike sprouts, deserve to be eaten on a regular basis. However, January the 25th is, as we all know, the anniversary of the bard's birthday and somewhere around that date, somewhere around town, some one is putting on a spread fit for a king. A quick trawl round our usual haunts and I've got the list. Not a definitive list, but a list nevertheless and it'll save you a call or two.

White Swan, Reading Street.
Burns' Supper SOLD OUT. But get along for some ale anyway.

Artillery Arms, Ramsgate.
Burns' Supper, Wednesday 23rd January.

Montefiore Arms, Ramsgate.
Burns' Supper, Friday 25th January - £2/head all proceeds to the Lifeboats.

Coastguard, St Margaret's Bay.
Scottish theme to the beers and haggis supper on Friday Night. The gaffer is a fellow Scot so you'll get a good night.

Man of Kent, Rochester.
Pork Scratching Supper with Ready Salted Crisps for the veggies. You always get a bloody good night here and the landlady is called Heather so you know it's for real.

Prince Albert, Deal.
Burns' Supper, Friday 25th January. Very good food and a great atmosphere, especially after dinner when everyone mixes in.

Churchill's, Ramsgate.
Haggis and the works but no piper and no Gadds' Great Scot! (weren't quick enough).

Chamber's, Folkestone.
They do have some Gadds' Great Scot! (as do the others) and I expect they'll be having haggi (pl) but can't confirm it. Give 'em a ring yourself 01303 223333.

Mrs Gaddsbeershop turns out a tidy veggie haggis herself so I'll be enjoying mine on Saturday night with my (secret) friend. No one is invited.

Thanks to The Coyote who points out that while Rabbie was a dab hand with the old poetry, the Crown of the King of Bards rightfully belongs to The Great McGonagall.


Anonymous said...

"Gude Ale Keeps the Heart Aboon!" roughly translates as Good Ale keeps you alive (I think).

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