Thursday, 15 May 2008

Where's the Sunshine?

For some it's the sight of the first swallow and for others it's the Solstice but for me, the first day of summer is signaled by the first day of the Lords Test. Today in fact. (Even though rain has inevitably delayed the start of play).

And it is by happy coincidence that today I have begun to brew the first of this year's triptych of summer ales, Dr Sunshine's Special Friendly English Wheat Ale. First created by me & Scooly back in 2004 it is a mongrel cross-style between a Dutch Wit, an American Wheat and a light English Mild.

But what's it like?

Like nothing else. A high proportion of wheat in the mash provides a mellow soft base, spicy Perle hops a lovely fruity spicy middle bit with fresh ground coriander seeds & organic Valencia orange zest for some lovely citrus overtones.

Refreshing, one might say. I'll tell you more nearer the time.

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