Saturday, 9 August 2008

Maintenance Shift

I was going to spend my weekend causing havoc at the climate camp with all the other post modern hippies but last thing Friday I managed to beach our forklift truck. See that little bit sticking over the concrete? It's the counter weight, and extremely heavy. See the little front wheels? They're tyred for indoor use and are small and smooth. They are also the drive wheels but in this situation they drive no-where but to flat battery land.

So this morning, instead of getting into mischief with Arthur & George I called in Richard the Farm (farmers are both practical and, er, well equipped) and we set about liberating the forklift. Here's how we went about our task:

It's a proper chocs and jacks job. For the princely sum of a case of Dogbolter and a cup of tea the Forks were freed. So I'm off to Bored Stares Sandal Week for a celebratory pint.

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