Friday, 2 January 2009

The 2009 Bimonthly Series - Jan/Feb - '80 shilling ale'

It's Homecoming Year and there's a decidedly Scots edge to some of my brewing in January-February. I kicked it all off a couple of weeks ago by brewing an 'export' style ale, full of malty sweetness with a smidge of underlying hoppy goodness. Wanting all those wonderful flavours that my maltster creates, without overdoing some of the more the demanding ones, and, of course, keeping the 'traditional' butterscotch notes to an acceptable minimum (not my favourite beer atribute) kept me focused in the design and delivery of the beer.

It's already out in a couple of pubs, with more set to recieve deliveries when we go back to work next week, and since it is available for two months, you all ought to get a good chance to try it. Failing that, ring us at the brewery and we'll do our best to ensure you get what you want.

When you do get your hands on a pint of this deep brown coloured ale, and as you slurp back the first mouthful, close your eyes and remember Rannoch Moor.

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