Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Ancestors Whisky Cask Porter

I made a strong brown beer last year and left it in some Islay whisky casks for 50 days. The aroma is all peat and smoke and wood and whisky. The flavour starts off as whisky before mellow ale takes over, occassionally displaying hops and finishing with wood and peat.

It was my first attempt and it is ready for sale, from the brewery, in small bottles.

Come and try some, sitting down.


Captain Dog said...

Wood and whisky - the two main ingredients for a perfect Valentine night-in. Save me some Eddie. I'll be down on Satters.

Anonymous said...

It'll cost you a 'packet' though.

Look what you've depths we're plumbing now Strings...

Captain Dog said...

It's like Carry On Brewing!

I drank two bottles of the Ancestors brew on Saturday night. It was absolutely splenders. It gives you a real biff 'round the chops. Are there any bottles left?

PS. Parkes bought me a long-sleeved Gadd's top but it is a little on the small size. Can I upgrade to a large?

Hope all is well sir!!

Anonymous said...

Herr Hond,

Yes, there are plenty more. I'm glad you liked it - it took a few weeks to mellow so I did worry.

And yes, come and change the shirt.



PS - the two rum coves on the label are my ancestors - did you spot the likeness?

Barry M said...

Sorry for dragging up an old post, but I'm sitting here supping a bottle of Ancestors that a friend posted to me. Definitely getting the wood and whisky, slightly medicinal stuff, licorice, toasted wood. Sippage! And I like it :)

Have a bottle of Oooks waiting for another day. Lookin' forward to it!

Eddie said...

Thanks Barry, good of you to comment. I have a theory for you to blow out the water, it is this: some get peat, others get TCP, split 50:50 in the population and not along gender or age lines. I used to get TCP but now I get peat.

It's a bit of a bollocks theory but it might just stand up, a bit?

Barry M said...

Hey Eddie,

I actually did get peaty notes too. It's a fine line :D

Can I ask what whisky the casks were used for before?

Eddie said...

Ah, Barry, now you're leading me to a more sophisticated theory and one bound to bore, thus being incontestable. I'll tell you it once I've made it up.

The casks were from Bruichladdich on Islay. It was (and still is, I think) the only independent distillery on the island and the only one to bottle there too. They make some of the peatiest stuff around. We bought malt from them too and shipped some to the big M at De Molen.

Barry M said...

Nice. If I had of thought of it I would have asked about the whisky before and then checked with a mate, who has a crazy whisky selection, to see if he has any Bruichladdich. Would have been nice to compare.

Any idea what Menno used the malt for? I'm assuming it was peat-smoked? I'd be curious about trying some peat-smoked malt in my home brews. Its one of those flavours I have mixed feeling about. I like a little hint of it, although when it's in your face it can be pretty special :)

Actually, I found a mad German beer made on 100% Peat Malt, and dedicated to a bunch of Scottish fans down in Franken. Smokey George is pretty peaty! Haven't been able to get it since...

Eddie said...


Yes, it was peated malt and at 90ppm phenol it doesn't come any peatier.

I use a little in a peated pale ale I've been making for new year for the last two years - hops and peat are a truly odd combo, don't work together at all but the beer sells really well.

Big M uses it in Blood, Sweat & Tears (Bruichladdich version) and a couple of others whose name I can't lay my hand on just at the moment. Ask him. Because he uses it in pretty heavy beers it works well.

E-mail me and I can send you a little in the post (malt that is) - 1% is obvious in an (abv) 5%er. 2% and it's the main player. Above that is ashtray land.

Barry M said...

That's a very kind offer Eddie! Mail on the way :)