Monday, 24 August 2009


Building a brewery is such fun, and never ending fun too. No sooner have we adjusted to a certain production level than another pesky new customer comes along and we have to find extra capacity. And this extra capacity requires extra servicing. And, at times, the services themselves need up grading to attain a better level of efficiency.

So a couple of months ago I began planning new cask washing facilities and this week we're busy commissioning them. The POD is now responsible for producing clean casks for filling, between 100 and 400 per week. And a fine job it's going to do too, with the help of Coyote.


Don Wood said...

wE WILL all stop drinking beer will that help ??

Eddie said...

Sorry Don, you lost me there.

As it happens, beer sales nationally are on the slide and have been for a few years now. Alcohol consumption per capita in the UK in general is in decline, though you'd struggle to guess that from the media coverage.

In that regard Don, you'd be joining a growing trend. However, sales of locally brewed beer in the UK are increasing. So in that regard you'd be bucking the trend.

It's up to you.