Monday, 25 January 2010

Brewathon, 6 of 11

Ah, money fer old rope this double brewing lark is - get up early, work like a horse, drink beer, go to bed early. Repeat ad mortem.

So we're into week two and halfway there. Fermentations from week one have proceeded exceptionally well and the cooling has performed far better than we initially suspected it would. We're on time now and I can't see a reason why we won't have canned 10,000 litres of top East Kent Ale by Saturday evening.

Except that any brewer will tell you the moment you think things are going well something trips you up. It isn't superstition, it's observation.

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Peter Brissenden said...

Just keep plugging away at it. Once you drink the first pint from your new brewery, all this hard work will be well worth the effort.

I have some homebrew for you too, i'll try and drop it by sometime soon.