Saturday, 27 February 2010

Taste of Kent

Congratulations to the Taste of Kent Award Winners, announced at a slap up binge in the Fairfax Hall at Leeds Castle last night to the congregated Kent Artisanocracy and associated hangers-on. Before I go any further, yes, GADDS' remains the Best Kentish Beer, and that's still official.

Anyway, specific shout out and 'spect to Eddie Gilbert's of Ramsgate who took top gong for fish retailing. They sell GADDS' too, which must have helped in the final judging. 'Spect too to the Haywain Countryside Boozer, now the best pub in Kent. They also sell GADDS'. And to Macknade's Fine Food Emporium, the reigning Local Food Retailer of the Year. And a GADDS' stockist. Congratulations too to Biddenden Vineyards for their peerless Ortega, Kent's finest wine. They sell GADDS' as well. Finally, and with great fondness, much congrats to the Chai Stop, Food Producer of the Year. No, they don't sell GADDS', they don't sell any beer, they make delicious curries using local produce, including beef from Dunn's herd, fattened on the spent grains from, yes, you guessed it, GADDS' Ramsgate Brewery.

We were sat next to a charming, friendly couple who, it turned out, were a dab hand at award presentation, as we found out later on. No wonder really, they do it for a living.

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Mark Dredge said...

Great news, well deserved! And you are choosing your stockists well, it seems :)