Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Unknown unknowns #1 reveals its truth

Not only is the steel frame that supports the 1 tonne hot liquor tank constructed of irregular length legs, it is structurally weak when out of plumb and likely to attempt to shed its load if disturbed.

That's the truth we found out to our cost today. And cost it did: a full day's work for myself, Rob the Build and Tom the Boy getting the whole structure, and its piggy backing stainless lump of mass, back in place, safe and sound. All manner of skills, techniques and technologies were hurled at the 'issue', the trusty old (and knacked) forklift truck reluctantly providing the finishing touch.

We're still on schedule. And on budget. But the next unknown unknown could change all that.

"That was the scariest day of my life" hissed the rookie Boy through a stress dissipating drag on his fag when it was all over. We guffawed, in experience, though I suspect we might have found more common ground on this point than we cared to admit.

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