Monday, 10 May 2010

I love *this* beer....

I get asked 'what's your favourite beer' on a regular basis and, over recent years, I've developed an answer: my favourite beer is the one in my hand. I'm not being flippant, just faithful, easily faithful - it comes naturally. Look, if I fancy a beer I'll scan around at what's on offer, choose according to my mood and devote my beery attention to it, and to no other. Where's the enjoyment in drinking one beer and thinking about another, a different one, one you're not drinking?


Derek said...

I completely agree. My tastes change depend on my mood, what I'm eating, the season, the weather. In short, I like to keep an open mind and enjoy a variety of styles and brands.

Now when it comes to what I don't like, it's a little easier to pinpoint ;)

Brock said...

OK, so what if I asked which particular beer you had returned to most often in the last five years?

Mark said...

I like that answer!

No matter how you try to answer a question like that, you're always constrained by the beers you have and haven't tried.

Why not extend that constraint to the beers that are available to you right at the time of drinking ... then naturally the only answer you can give is yours.

Eddie said...

Derek, I've developed a keen sixth sense and rarely come across real howlers.

Brock - on a purely volume basis GADDS' Number 7 by a country mile: I enjoy a couple of pints in my local 3 or 4 times a week and it's the house beer. That doesn't mean I think it's any better than any other though.

Orval does own a small, tear shaped area of my heart though.

Chunk - crikey, you understood what I meant better than I did!

Further to all this, I had a whirlwind visit round the beer hot spots of Rome this week, tasting lord knows how many beers, most of them 95+ on ratebeer. Whilst they were all great beers there was only one that really grabbed me but I knew the back story to it, which so often helps.