Tuesday, 29 June 2010

It's nearly the weekend

Well it's the very height of summer down here at the seaside and only a cool onshore breeze is keeping profound madness at bay. I can't possibly imagine how the inlanders manage in this oppressive heat (perhaps they don't and they are loon) but I'm going to find out this weekend: I'll be leading (astray) a crack contingent of GADDS on a mission tens of miles into mainland England, to provide technical support to Vince Power and his Hop Farm Festival. We're sending several tonnes of cool Kentish ale to service the three beer tents and it is wholly necessary for me, and my friends and family, to be on hand to dispense advice to the bar staff. In order to be in a position to carry out our duties effectively we clearly need the right equipment, such as a crew bus, back stage camping and access all areas passes.

Should madness strike any one of us the emergency drill is only too well practiced: cease working, sit (or lie) down, get something cool to drink and try to focus on some music.

Blag? Yup.


I've got some 10 litre polypins of Festiv'Ale on special offer at £20 each (while stocks last). So if you didn't get a ticket, get a polypin, don't wash for three days and listen to the radio from your neighbours garden for that authentic stay-at-home festival experience.

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