Friday, 18 February 2011


Do you remember that we brewed a dunkele bock back in December? You do? Well, after a lengthy lagering period at sub zero temperatures, followed by cask conditioning, the beer is finally ready to drink. Our resident German Bier Prinzessin dropped by today to assess our work and I'm pleased, and relieved, to report that it was declared ausgezeichnet.

It's very dark with a tight, light tan head and an aroma of aromatic and roasted malts. Grassy, spicy Saaz hops hit the palate, linger for a while before giving way to a rich, satisfying maltiness that dissipates slowly. Just as you think it's all over a feint sweetness tickles the tongue, inviting you back for more. It's indubitably Teutonic and reminds me of dirndls, which is dangerous.

And it's out on sale direct from the brewery, and in all East Kent pubs of discerning bent.


Randy Apples said...

Is there going to be any at the Thanet Beerfest? Or is there another treat lined up?

Gadds Beers Hop said...

Many treats lined up for that one...

Mark said...

I've always struggled to get in to traditional Bocks. Just too damn malty and heavy for me.

Would be interesting to try your take on it. Do you have genuine lagering tanks now or are you able to crank the cooling on the fermenter up enough to get it low enough ... if that makes sense.

Cannot wait for Planet Thanet. Best festival of the year.


mr bird said...

Ah menheer gadd, delighted to see you've sent a tub of this intriguing brew down to the sussex beer festival.

saturday morning, 11am, hove town hall. My lips on your bock.


Eddie said...

Bird! You are alive!

Well and good. Must visit you soon.