Friday, 11 March 2011

Les Voyageurs Audacieux

You'll remember our brewday with former GADDS' brewer, Iain Shuell? Well, the poor lad had to leave these shores before getting a chance to try any of our efforts, so we bottled some and sent it out to him at the Molson Coors brewery in Toronto, his latest workplace.

Ten out of 12 of the intrepid little Voyageurs made it intact, the remaining two had accidents and made a bit of a mess, by all accounts.

Iain was delighted and described the beer thus:

Great head retention. Love it. Expected more maple at the start and hops and the end but found the reverse. Definite maple on the nose but only trace lingering. Can't comment too much on the body because I haven't gave any time to let it settle. As I write this there is half the glass left and a cm of head. I'm so happy. Lovely belgian ale esters. I think the Saaz put this beer in the catagory of continental ale. Am I right? Ok I gotta stop this in fear of being one of those beer geek critics who bleet on the web. Worth every second. Including the late November death rally from York. I'm off for a wee cry to myself.

Bless him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog Eddie. After my first week of night shifts the remaining 6 Voyageurs hide timidly in the cupboard beside the fridge.
Your pal, Iain SHUELL

Eddie said...

Christ, I've been spelling your name wrong for an awful long time. Best edit...