Monday, 22 August 2011


Steins, Fräuleins, Football & Frankfurters - my favourite album of all time. It captures the very essence of life, all the necessities, all the luxuries, and the entire cultural cannon required to keep the soul satisfied. And that's just the title, which is just as well because the music is crap.

Anyhow, it'll be Oktoberfest in Munich in just a few weeks time, where many thousands will gather to celebrate this simple sentiment and, since we're all stuck in East Kent, we've brewed a beer so that you & I can be there in spirit, if not body.

Our DoppelHop is a pale Bock Bier brewed, of course, in full accordance with the Bavarian purity law (the Reinheitsgebot - actually pretty much all our beer is brewed in accordance with this anyway) whereby the only ingredients allowed are water, yeast, malt & hops. As with many Oktoberfest Biers it is slightly on the strong side. But unlike most it is dryish, and very hoppy. We've used proper imported Bavarian Pilsner, Vienna & Munich malts to give the beer a full body, allowing us to hop on the 'refreshing' side. Mittelfrüh & Brewers Gold varieties, grown in the Bavarian hop region of Hallertau, are joined, in a very big way, by the mighty, noble, Saaz hop. A long, cool fermentation combined with an even longer, cooler lagering period will result in a gorgeously balanced, strong, pale amber, hoppy caricature of a lager.


Serving Suggestion.

I'm not really using this artwork, it's just too sexist, she's too damn cute and people various would, quite rightly, not let me get away with it. I probably shouldn't get away with using it here, truth be told.


Mark Dredge said...

This sounds fantastic, Eddie! I really hope I manage to find some of this.

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Anonymous said...

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