Wednesday, 1 February 2012

East Kent IPA

East Kent Goldings are the finest hops in the world for balance, subtlety and finesse. So we brewed a 6.5% pale ale stuffed full of them, and then dry hopped it with an eye watering amount more. The result is neither balanced nor subtle, but it is hoppy and ever so drinkable.

The very first casks left the warehouse this morning, destined for:

The Foundry Brewpub, Canterbury, where they'll be serving it this Friday evening.
The Sir Stanley Grey, Pegwell.
The Lifeboat, Margate.
The Queen Charlotte, Ramsgate.
Artillary Arms, Ramsgate.
The Green Berry, Deal.

More will surely follow...


Anonymous said...

'The British are coming! The British are coming! And they have brought something to drink with them?'....
'Yes we have. Just a moment we shall find some shade and have a quick drink of this......'
...moments later.
'Yaarrggh!.....where's the tea then?'


The Great Tree said...

We have just put this up on our engines. Come & Get It! The Great Tree, 1 Margate Rd., Ramsgate!

Tani said...

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