Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Gearing up for Green Hop

Kent is the best place in the world to drink fresh beer in October - fact.

Why? Because (nearly) all the 24 brewers of Kent dash out to their nearest hop garden at harvest time, returning with great sackfuls of luscious green and undried hops to brew beer with. By the end of September these beers have hit the pubs and for the following two weeks Kent Green Hop Beers are all over the county.

And if you want to sample them all, and do not have the commitment to visit the brewery taps of all these brewers, you can go to the Canterbury Food & Drink Festival in late September. There will you find casks of each and every one, ready blessed by the Arched one himself, for your celebration.

Because Kent rocks in October.

Brewing with undried hops is akin to cooking with fresh, rather than dried, herbs.

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