Thursday, 4 October 2012

Broadstairs Food Festival

It's in Broadstairs, it starts on Friday, finishes Sunday and is all about food. And some beer. Green Hop Beer. Ours.

It isn't 5.2%, it's 4.8

If you want bottled GADDS' Green Hop Ale then this is where you'll find it, and, since we brewed extra, it will not, this year, be in limited supply. Take your time.


bill beedie said...

Oi, Mr Eddie Gadd, all this talk of delicious Green Hop Beers is doing my head in!! Looks lke I'm going to have to schedule a trip to Kent in October next year!!

David, Little Omenden Farm and Nursery said...

Will you be sending out any Green Hop to Biddenden Vineyards-your nearest outlet to us? I like the bottled No 5 that they've just started to sell.

Sarah Faraday said...

We're looking forward to this year's Broadstairs Food Festival! :)

stephenn richardsonn said...

Thanks for sharing!! I am looking forward to this year's Broadstairs food festivals