Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Green Hop Tour of East Kent

So you'll be well aware that September means hop harvest & October means Kent Green Hop Beer, so you'll be really excited learn of the Great East Kent Green Hop Breweries Open Day (sometimes called the East Kent Tour of the Green Hop, or Tour of the East Kent Green Hop, or any manner of variations).

Sunday October 6th, 10am to 6pm

Five east Kent breweries will open their doors to you, the great unwashed, to generously allow you in for a look round, a few Green Hop beers, possibly a bite to eat and a dance in the late summer sun.

View Bicycling directions for the Green Hop Open Day in a larger map

You don't have to ride, and you don't have to visit all 5 breweries, but you might want to do both. I'll be starting at Broadstairs around 10:30 I expect, visiting GADDS', Wantsum, Goodys', Canterbury Ales & The Foundry, in that order, before returning via Canterbury West. Foundry Jon is doing it in reverse. You are all cordially invited to join us.

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